[python] new geometry! improvement!

  • From: Ray Schümacher <mtb@xxxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 16:39:33 -0700

I changed the original geometry I had
wheelbase: 132cm 
pivot: 63 
trail: 23.5cm 
seat height: 35cm 
BB height: 50cm 
weight: 18kg 
wheelbase: 109cm 
pivot: 70 
trail: 28.5cm 
seat height: 40cm 
BB height: 47cm 
weight: 16kg 
More photos at:

The improvement in ride-ability is remarkable. I got on, rode down the alley, 
turned around in the alley (6m radius) and rode back. The front end does not 
need to swing nearly so much side-to-side to make the usual low-speed 
adjustments (Jürgen's flop that he complained about on the px*). The smaller 
self-centering force (I weigh 91kg) with the 70dg pivot makes slow, tight turns 
much easier, and the 23cm shorter wb makes the turn radius much smaller.
The main thing though is the response; the bike is much faster to come back 
under the CoG when needed.
I was a bit more careful with welds and alignment this time, and it came out 
true the first time. Now, front brakes and shifters and I'm set. I immediately 
felt that I would be comfortable commuting with just a little more practice 
(and better brakes).
And only another 4 hours!

Funny, though, I still mostly use my hands to steer. Maybe because I never had 
any Flevo or unicycle experience.


PS. I'll try to get some video from the boardwalk soon... ;-)

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