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  • From: Jürgen Mages <jmages@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 20:26:23 +0200

Hallo Dirk,

Yesterday I went along a tour around the Øresund, and had the chance to
test the maximum downhill speed.
Well it lies around 55 - 60kmh. After that it gets really scary.

That sounds good to me. At least it is some improvement relative to my P3.

I have been groping for words to descirbe the feeling at the speed. Mind
you, it doesn't come suddenly. It slowly builds up as speed goes up. But
first at 50kmh it really gets your attention ;-)

Seen from an observer nothing wrong can be noticed. The bike does not
sway. The bike does not schimmer, or vibrate. Nothing of that.

The feeling  on the bike is that the steering is in some way
"activated". At least I get the feeling that when something happens I
won't be able to correct it. And the consequence will have an explosive

That is exactly the same, what I feel. I could not find better words to describe it. Until 45 km/h everything feels ok. But with higher speed the "spooky" feeling increases more and more. As you say, nothing visible happens, but my belly says that something uncontrollable might happen and then I rather brake than fall into trouble. 60 km/h would be enough for me.

In the beginning with less downhill experience this feeling
started at 35 km/h but as I said, with more practice the
calmness increases.

Considering that your python skills will grow, your bike
seems to have a more stable geometry than my P3.

At speed or manouvarability or climbing, everything works at
least as good. I the case of manouvarability I sometimes had the
impression I could easier slip and slalom than normal steered bike (my
effective turn circle is 2.5m diameter).

The turning circle of 2.5 m is quite amazing! Compared to other recumbents I also have noticed a better off-road performance.



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