[python] Re: max downhill speed --lost mail, second try

  • From: "Jan-Inge Ljungberg" <jan-inge.ljungberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 11:17:21 +0200

python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx på den 11 maj 2005 vid 10:35 +0100 skrev:
>Since you seem to worry about doing time for riding with unauthorized
>framenumbers, I should inform you that on a bike in Denmark 2 seperate
>brakes are mandatory (as well as a red rear and a white front reflector,
>yellow reflectors on the spokes, a bell and a lock) :-)
And the same goes for Sweden!
>> I still slammed into the car, but I managed to turn so far that we hit
>> side by side, and got away with nothing more that a pair of jelly legs
>I'm glad you walked away - err - rode away in one piece.

Im happy that you'd survived Dirk. Hope to see you soon again!

I have heard rumours about Olafs Montypaint. Hope we get some pictures
soon. The weather here is somewhat mixed up. One minute cold and even rain
and next sunny and so on. 
Torben we'll meet att the danish HPV meisterschaft I hope?



Jan-Inge Ljungberg
Kassör HPV Sverige 
Prästagårdsvägen 17, Arrie
235 94 Vellinge


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