[python] Re: max downhill speed --lost mail, second try

  • From: Jürgen Mages <jmages@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 21:41:21 +0200

 The faster the coasting, the higher the friction gets, and at some
point the friction pushing backwards likely*/_ approaches the ability
of your weight to keep the pivot at it's lowest point_/*, and keep
the bike running straight,

That would be good, since air resistance is also a square law. I had thought of adding lead weights to the spoke nipples to increase the gyro stabilization, a linear effect...

Hmm, would it not be that it is exactly the opposite, that the turning of the wheel makes it wierd to ride. And that we should instead try to minimize it instead of maximizing the power exected on the pivot.

Hard to say.

On one hand I would say that a large gyroscopic force
tends to stabilize the bike.

On the other I see that your python with its 20" inch wheels
seems more stable than mine (26") while high speed coasting.

The flevoracer with 28" wheels has been reported to have
"strange" high speed effects. That´s why they build it now
with 26" wheels.



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