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  • Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 05:48:49 EDT

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This is  a little disappoining as I had hoped that with the smaller trail
the limit  would be well beyond the speed range I personally would want
to reach.  60kmh however is at the border of that range.

I am not totally familiar with Kmh vs MPH though have a passing  acquaintance 
with it, after all, my Truck (Lorry) speedo is calibrated in KM, I  just 
don't pay attention.  But If I figure it correctly, your Python  becomes 
at about 50 kmh/30 mph?   I have a Terra Trike that  becomes "overly nimble" 
at about 15-30 mph (about the same range I think)   So I use brakes to keep it 
below 25 or so on long downhills.  But my old  Vision LWB bike would stay 
relatively stable up to 40+ which is fine, but I had  one experience with that 
speed that was daunting to say the least.  I  passed a guy on RAGBRAI last 
in Western Iowa, going downhill at over 40  mph and he dropped a front wheel 
into a wide crack in the pavement (Between two  slabs of concrete) about the 
time I was 15 or so feet ahead of him. which  literally threw him to the ground 
head first.  The sound of his helmet  hitting was like a pistol shot. I 
thought his tire had blown.  Or MY tire  had blown, I wasn't sure which. I 
spent a 
few anxious moments waiting for the  bike to dump me until I figured out that 
it was someone else who had lost a  tire. I did not know what happened until 
someone passed me trying to get an  ambulance which was parked at the next hill 
to come down and scrape him  up.  Not trying to make light of his misfortune, 
or my not seeing him, I  was probably too concerned with my bike and keeping 
upright at the time.
He wasn't killed, but DID require evac by helicopter to Omaha for brain  
surgery.  One other person died at the same spot and several others  crashed.
Um, maybe the hesitancy to go that fast is a good thing.  Don't go  faster 
than you would like to fall.
come  to the Midwest HPV/ Velomobile conference 
June 11/12 2005 Cedar Rapids,  Iowa
Shirt  for the conference is at the website  below.


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