[python] Re: max downhill speed --lost mail, second try

  • From: "Jan-Inge Ljungberg" <jan-inge.ljungberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 18:01:13 +0200

python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx på den 6 maj 2005 vid 16:30 +0100 skrev:
>Great photos! The translation at http://www.systranbox.com/systran/box
>was pretty funny. One of my desires in the next year or so is to visit
>Sweden and Germany cycle touring. My Mom's family is from Hesselhalen and

Hi Ray
Tell us then youre coming this way and we can meet and help you find the
way etc...
>>We havent heard from Olaf hope he has'nt fainted in the paintfumes!
>I'll probably use Hammerite-type paint
>It's tough and covers bad finish jobs well. The fumes are particularly
>nasty, though, as most contain powdered silica.

I think we soon will see his Monty. I think he is really proud of it (and
he should be!). Shall we have a contest guessing what color it will be? I
already have said Pink!

Best wishes


Jan-Inge Ljungberg
Kassör HPV Sverige 
Prästagårdsvägen 17, Arrie
235 94 Vellinge


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