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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 16:59:56 -0400

John Shutt wrote:

> If the FCC adopts ATSC A/53C in it's entirety as law, as
> they have with A/53B, then yes, it can be enforced.  Or
> at least amendment 1 paragraph 5.6.1 can be enforced:
> "Limits have been defined for the maximum bitrate in the
> Enhanced (E-VSB) service.
> "At all times, the quality of video in the main stream
> shall be equal to or better than the equivalent program
> in the Enhanced stream. In the event that the
> programming is different in the main and Enhanced streams,
> a higher resolution format is deemed to be higher quality.
> "Additionally, during premium programming times, the
> maximum bitrate in the enhanced (EVSB) stream shall be 3
> Mbps out of the total 19.4 Mbps channel capacity."

That text, IIRC all of it, was also there in the previous
candidate standard. It's logical, I think. EVSB is meant to
be a hierarchical modulation sort of service rather than a
complete replacement of the 19.3 Mb/s channel. And even
then, the ATSC seems to think it's okay to cut the capacity
down to 8.5 or 4.3 Mb/s total, off prime time.

The nice thing about E8-VSB is the way it permits very
narrow robust channels to be created, taking away as little
as possible from the wide stream capacity. It gives a lot
of granularity in that way. On the other hand, it does not
allow for fine tuning of the robustness of the whole 6 MHz
band. That could have been done by directly changing the
FEC used in the band, but such a scheme would not have been
backward compatible. EVSB had to be layered over the 8-VSB,
2/3 trellis, and RS[208,188] FEC that was already there.

Anyway, it's still IMO well suited to the task you
suggested. But here too, some field trials would be nice.


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