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Mark Schubin wrote:

> Hmm.=20
> Dale talked about the UK.  I talked about the UK.  Stephen
> Birkill talked about the UK.  And you have provided info
> about Italy.

I have always referred to Italy and France when talking about
low power transmitters, to try to dispell the notion that
there's something magical going on with COFDM. (Mostly from
Bob Miller, but others have suggested similar wonders.)

When you look at France and Italy, that's where you see
transmitters for PAL and for DVB-T in the 10s of KW ERP. As
Stephen indicated, the situation in the UK is different,
because in fact PAL transmitters can be up in the 0.5 MW to
1 MW ERP region. The DTT transmitter that covers London
might be lower power, but that doesn't mean coverage of the
UK to match PAL with DVB-T would necessarily be with 10s of
KW ERP, where PAL was more like 1 MW. There's no implied

In France, they are still rather fluid as to how to deploy
DTT. They are talking about "portable" capability, for which
they expect to have to assist the Eiffel Tower transmitter
(35 KW) with other tramsmitters, including possibly very
low power gap fillers. Because as is, they say about 40
percent of Paris can achieve indoor reception, closer in to
the Eiffel Tower. They define "portable" as "with indoor
antennas." I already showed where the closest translator
site to the Eiffel Tower was, and it was Mantes. Just under
30 miles to the west of the Eiffel Tower. So, nothing magic

We can do the same with RAI. Translator sites are scattered
throughout the country, including two to cover Rome.

This is all about introducing some measure of reality and to
compare apples with apples. I think I've been more than fair
in specifying power levels and expected coverage, when
making comparisons, where others have been happier to let a
veil of mystery lie over the discussion.

The information is all public. There's no reason to

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