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Interesting that DVB-T rather than DVB-H is being mentioned.

I think we need that here too, similarly based on 8T-VSB rather than MPH
or A-VSB, making use of better training techniques as Al Limberg and
Doug described, as well as diversity antennas. Would be a nice boost to
OTA TV, even if in practice you might not see a whole lot of people
watching TV during their morning commute.


December 17, 2007

DiBcom brings digital TV to Continental's navigation devices

By Anne-Francoise Pele

PARIS " French Mobile TV chip specialist DiBcom SA announced its
technology has been selected by automotive supplier Continental AG for
integration in portable navigation devices.

Continental (Hanover, Germany) said it would use DiBcom's latest
generation of integrated DVB-T front-end receivers for its VDO Dayton
brand of portable navigators, dubbed PN4000 and the PN6000.

DiBcom claimed its technology would allow portable devices to benefit
from the same advanced techniques such as diversity-2 reception (dual
antenna) and Doppler effect compensation to offer a reliable reception
and TV viewing experience at any speed. DiBcom specified that its
technology enables low-power mobile and portable TV reception everywhere
and at speeds exceeding 200 km/h.

"Watching TV in cars is becoming more and more popular and we are very
happy that our technology has been selected for VDO Dayton portable
devices,"stated Yannick Lvy, CEO of DiBcom. "As much as the navigation
function made PND's a useful tool, the addition of digital TV will make
them more valuable and fun to have."

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