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Okay, let's try again.

This might make broadcasters here a little leery about the $1.5B ATSC
STB subsidies?



EU 'set to demand Italian DTV refund'

Speculation is growing that Italian broadcasters Mediaset and RAI will
have to refund part of a 220m Euro state subsidy, given to encourage
take-up of digital television. EC competition commissioner Neelie Kroes
announced an investigation into the subsidies in December 2005 after
receiving complaints from satellite pay-TV group Sky Italia.

Kroes said the subsidies granted in 2004 and 2005 may have given
Mediaset and RAI an unfair advantage in the Italian digital television
market since they did not cover digital satellite.

Italy's anti-trust authority launched its own investigation into the
digital decoder subsidies received by Mediaset. Last May it cleared
Mediaset chief Silvio Berlusconi of breaking competition laws.

According to Italian newspaper reports, Kroes will rule on Wednesday
that the subsidies favoured RAI and Mediaset.

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