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Some of you may have read this. It talks about how Jay Leno during prime time 
will be "the future of TV."


As Craig would say, "rubbish."


One interesting insight: just as I thought, Hulu and other online TV, which it 
claims is "mostly free," i.e. ad supported, "does not deliver close to TV ad 
money." Their words. No matter the irrelevant hype about per-minute ad revenues 
being higher online.


The reason I say "rubbish," of course, is that you don't gain audience share by 
airing stuff on every night that even fewer people want to see. People flock to 
interesting drama shows, not just here, but all over the world. If the shows 
cost too much, then they need to cut THOSE costs. Not cut out the type of 
material that works.


What costs too much? The actors? The writers? Get no-name actors. Produce the 
shows elsewhere. Shows like The Outer Limits and Twighlight Zone had unknown 
actors, no? And they were good. Canadian series are good too, at least the few 
we've seen here. European series are good too. I'm sure the world doesn't lack 
for creative writing talent either. Plenty of options. And exercicing these 
options will automatically throttle back the cost of hiring US actors. It's 
called competition.


Luckily, the other networks are poo-pooing this NBC rationalization for 


Then they list all the successful shows of the past several years. Funny. No 
1950s era variety shows in that list.


CBS and Fox seem capable of coming up with good shows consistently. ABC seems 
to have found the "personal relationships" niche for the ladies. (Gosh, even 
Defying Gravity, with so much potential, turns out to be soap-ish.) Maybe 
networks do have to find more of a niche than in decades past, so what? Contain 
costs, figure out a niche that isn't too narrow. And with all the multicast 
channels available now, they can even create lower-cost more niche channels 
than they could before.




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