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  • Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 18:33:39 -0400

John McClenny wrote:

>I was told that the (US) Emergency Alert tones inserted
> into a broadcast can turn on a TV.  I asusme that if this
> is true, it would have to be a receiver that was never
> really off. Anyone know if this capability is real?

John Shutt wrote:

> There might have been a television set that could do so,
> but I've never heard of one.  I've heard of plenty of
> weather radios that will "turn on" (actually just unmute)
> when they receive a NWS alert tone.
> As for a receiver that is never truly off, think about
> sets with Starsight/TV Guide EPGs built in.  They use the
> "off" time to tune to their local PBS station and update
> their EPGs.  Also, some circuitry in your television, VCR,
> DVD, audio receiver, etc. never turns off, otherwise you
> could never use the remote control to turn them "on" again.

I don't think I have a single piece of A/V equipment bought in the last
15 years or so that ever goes "off" completely, unless I pull the plug.
The reasons are as John Shutt says and more. For instance, power-up from
remote control, timed power-up, reception of time/date/EPG type of info
while idle, and also retention of the last-used settings (e.g.
last-tuned station, aspect ratio choices, stuff like that).

Technically, though, this should be very easy to do, especially with DTV
or digital radio. If you search under PXE (preboot execution
environment), you'll see that Intel, AMD, Linux, and Windows all have
schemes which can remotely boot up machines, including downloading the
OS if need be, all from a network server, with no end user interaction
at all (other than making sure the thing is plugged in). So it seems to
me, turning on a TV or radio from some signal from a broadcaster should
be well within the state of the art, even within the constraints of a
one-way broadcast channel.

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