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I'm not sure I understand what the exclusive partnership consists of,
especially because they say, "creating a platform that other
broadcasters and broadband content owners can use to distribute their
content." So, what makes this different from any other civilian TiVo,
used for FOTA DTT? Must be related to the dial-in phone number used by
the TiVo box.

My preference would be for a PVR that made proper use of PSIP/SI, but of
course that would make it difficult for the box to become an infinite
money vacuum for its owner. Which I assume this Australian TiVo would



TiVo to launch in Australia with Seven

TiVo, the US pioneer of the digital TV recorder, is to launch in
Australia next year under an exclusive partnership agreed with Seven
Media Group.

Under the partnership Seven will incorporate TiVo's digital TV recorder
technology, creating a platform that other broadcasters and broadband
content owners can use to distribute their content.

Seven said the free-to-air digital terrestrial television platform would
be available across Australia.

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said: "Every night, the vast majority of Australians
turn to free to air broadcasters for their television entertainment. The
Australian television market is on the cusp of a significant migration
to digital television that will greatly expand the choices available on
free-to-air television.

"This new partnership with Seven will utilise TiVo's content search and
discovery features, TiVo's powerful advertising capabilities and
broadband video straight to the TV set. This relationship demonstrates
our ability to deploy the TiVo service on the digital terrestrial, or
DVB-T standard, which has now been globally adopted and will represent
more than 100m homes by 2009."

Lovelace Consulting 06.06.2007
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