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Most observers in 2008 quietly wrote off the prospects for Mobile TV.
Yet despite this, it is only local issues with business models, and the
fact that in certain parts of the globe, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
have other issues at the forefront of their agendas, which hold it back.

Inexorably, broadcast Mobile TV is developing, and during 2008 it forced
the cumulative shipment of specialist Mobile TV handsets to 59 million,
where those handset had to be especially built to receive a separate
video signal. There is also a resurgence of cellular streaming, as
systems have upgraded to the H.264 codec, producing better video quality
as bandwidth has broadened with the implementation of HSDPA and EV-DO.

The impression that Mobile TV is ailing is because the US press can see
no break in sight on their home soil, while in Europe there has been a
catalogue of disasters. Italy has long been held up as the European
leader, and has been joined by a successful launch in the Netherlands,
and less effective introductions in Austria, Switzerland and Finland
(the Finnish system has been ready for years, but had copyright legal
issues). Elsewhere in Europe the UK is stymied by the spectrum
situation; France has a full scale war between MNOs and broadcasters
over which is the correct business model to proceed on, while German
operators have lost all interest in DVB-H after the license there was
given to the broadcast based Mobile 3.0 and then returned to the
regulator. Spain has also put off allocating available 700 MHz spectrum
and there are other minor delays in central Europe including Poland.

This whitepaper provides a round-up of the mobile TV deployments
worldwide, discussing the lessons learnt so far and the market outlook
for the coming years.
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