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Wow. What a concept. I wonder what would happen here if renters asked
whether the communal TV antenna system is ready for analog switchoff.



Flat residents urged to get set for digital


Digital UK is urging half a million people living in flats across the
north-west of England to speak to their landlord about the digital TV
switchover now, ahead of the switch on 4 November.

The switchover body is writing to 470,000 residents from 20 March 2009
in flats across the region as part of a new information campaign to
prepare flat residents for switchover.

Digital UK is advising all flat residents to find out if their communal
TV aerial system has been checked and will be able to receive TV after
switchover. If a TV needs to be upgraded or adapted Digital UK advises
residents to ensure the property manager discusses the options and any
associated costs.

Jo Waters, North West Regional Manager for Digital UK, said: "By
following our advice, thousands of viewers across the region can give
themselves peace of mind that they'll still receive television after

"It's important to give landlords plenty of notice. With just eight
months left until switchover starts, now is the time to act."

DTG Staff 17.03.2009
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