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Eory Frank-p22212 wrote:

> I had written:
> > The first describes a 4-function DTV tuner, for
> > analog and ATSC DTV as well as analog and cable
> > digital TV, available essentially now. This is
> > the de facto US DTV standard interface. I wonder
> > how the ATSC portion compares with the LG unit,
> > and what the cost of this might be.
> >
> > The next one is a column on LCD screens, and the
> > use of LEDs as backlights.
> Bert, once again you've been fooled by a deceptive
> press release. As far as any of us know, the Toshiba
> module might be using the LG chip for ATSC. It's a
> module containing multiple chips, not a single-chip
> solution.
> The "4-function DTV tuner" chip mentioned is in fact,
> just a double conversion tuner -- RF in, IF out. Not
> 4 tuners on one chip, not 4 tuners plus digital
> demods on one chip -- in other words, it is a silicon
> replacement for the traditional tin can. No slight
> meant toward Microtune, as I'm sure they make a fine
> high-performance silicon tuner. But this story might
> lead the reader to believe it's much more. It
> certainly fooled Bert.

Why, that's odd, Frank.

I don't believe I stipulated anywhere that the tuner had
to be built in a single chip, even if the article
certainly implies that:

"Based on Microtune's MicroTuner MT2111 single-chip tuner,
Toshiba's module is a ready-to-manufacture RF-to-video
subsystem that complies with U.S. digital TV standards,
including the DCR regulations of the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) for digital cable-ready

The point was that here is the combined DTT and digital
cable front end the FCC expected to see in the future.
This is what their ATSC mandate, combined with the
agreement between CE manufacturers and cable companies,
was designed to produce.

The MPEG decoding part can probably be considered to be
the "video subsystem" this module will feed. So what?
ATSC and digital cable both use MPEG-2 MP@HL compression.
That's not a big deal.

I fail to see where I was "once again fooled," Frank.
Or do you prefer to belong to the school that continues
to claim that these solutions will "never happen"? Or
perhaps I am still being deceived by test reports which
show that 8-VSB can be received indoors with C/N ratios
of less than 30 dB?

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