[opendtv] Re: STB hunting

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:45:31 -0500

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>Tom Barry wrote:
>>It seems to me vendors are willing to sell OTA STB's
>>for over $200.  And it also seems buyers are willing
>>to buy them in quantity for under $100. That in turn
>>does not seem to be a business model that would attract
>>most vendors.
>As opposed to what product category, Tom? Name any other
>product that manufacturers wouldn't rather sell at a
>higher price point, but that the market draws down to
>whatever the going price is. For example, color TVs, DVD
>players and recorders, ... . Any trouble finding DVD
>players or color TVs? Not me. They're all over the
>place, at rock bottom prices.
>>I guess the rule of thumb is to buy OTA STB's only at
>>closeout sales.
>It seems to me that on both sides of the ocean, freeview
>stand-alone STBs sell quite well if the price is at or
>around $100. People are willing to shell out that much
>on a whim, just to give it a try. It seems that in Europe,
>products are available, and here, for stand-alone STBs, we
>get 2 year old merchandise at 2 year old prices, even
>though better and cheaper chipsets exist and are being
>built into integrated sets, or in combined OTA and DBS
>So far, no one has been able to explain this oddity with
>anything resembling a sensible reason.
I give up.

Bob Miller

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