[opendtv] NBCU's Profit, Revenues Down

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NBCU's Profit, Revenues Down

By John M. Higgins -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/22/2006 11:16:00 PM

The slide in NBC's prime time ratings overwhelmed the strength of its 
cable-network siblings, trimming revenues and profits at the NBC 
Universal division. Parent company General Electric said Friday that 
NBC Universal's fourth-quarter revenues fell 3% to $4.2 billion, 
while operating profit dropped 7% to $801 million.

NBC's broadcast problems were a tremendous drag all year and should 
be again in 2006. Profits from the NBC prime time, O&O stations and 
program production plunged 60% during the fourth quarter and 26% for 
the full year. Broadcast profits are expected to fall another 20%-25% 
during 2006.

But NBC U's cable networks (including No. 1 rated USA Network) film 
studio Universal and theme parks boosted profit by 23% for the 
quarter and 73% for the year. Growth in 2006, however, is expected to 
be more modest, just 10%-15%.
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