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  • From: Mark Schubin <tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 11:26:54 -0500

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>The FCC receiver mandate still holds,
To whatever extent it is holding.  There are clear violations of the 
mandate, but there are no penalties.  As best I can tell, there are not 
even wrist-slapping letters.

>has been set at March
>2007 for all TV sets and recording devices, and these built
>in receivers are reportedly of good quality.
The ones in the 36-inch-and-up category.

This past weekend, I noted the following ads for TVs and recording 
devices, all under $100:
         - Radio Shack 2.3-inch LCD TV @ Radio Shack $59.99
         - Mystery brand GTV5055 5-inch TV @ Conn's $14.97
         - PocketVision LCD-511 5-inch LCD TV @ Radio Shack $99.99
         - Konka 13-inch TV @ Universal $45
         - Mystery brand CTGV4563TCT 13-inch TV @ Conn's $59.99
         - Toshiba 13A25 13-inch TV @ Conn's $79.97
         - Advent Q1435A 14-inch flat-tube TV @ Circuit City $87.99
         - Konka 19-inch TV @ Universal $59
         - Sansui TWM1916 19-inch TV @ Royal $68
         - Toshiba 19A24/25 19-inch TV @ Best Buy $99.99
         - RCA 25-inch TV @ Royal $98
         - Sansui VCR @ Universal $22
         - Sansui S35EV VCR @ Royal $29.99
         - Sansui DVD/VCR combo @ Universal $44
         - GoVideo DV2150 DVD/VCR combo @ Royal $59
         - Insignia IS-DVD040924 DVD/VCR combo @ Best Buy $75.99
         - Philips DVP3050V DVD/VCR combo @ Target $78
         - Samsung DVDV5500 DVD/VCR combo @ Circuit City $79.99
         - Samsung DVDV5500 DVD/VCR combo @ Conn's $94.97

I wonder how much they will cost on March 2, 2007 -- or if they'll 
simply stop being sold.


> So that would
>certainly contradict any notion the government is secretly
>trying to kill off OTA. They could have said "let the market
>decide," which is what they do when truly not interested
>(e.g. analog stereo AM radio). *That's* the kiss of death.
>>Why else have none of the manufacturers spent much effort
>>developing and *marketing* OTA STBs like they are in the
>>rest of the world?
>I think there are more credible reasons. For example, since
>broadcasters are spending no effort to make their digital
>tier particularly attractive, e.g. by offering some added
>programs that would encourage people to buy into DTT, the
>vendors are waiting for the analog cutoff date to make STBs.
>After all, they do have to build in receivers into 100
>percent of their TV sets anyway, well before any analog
>cutoff date, so what's the rush?
>Imagine what would happen if broadcasters made it so people
>would rush to stores to get DTT reception. You know, offer
>something interesting over their new subchannels. There are
>so many possibilities.
>>Why is DTV mostly advertised as available over satellite
>>and cable? Why don't any of the sales people at the
>>consumer electronics stores know you can receive DTV OTA?
>Because they're stupid? The guy I talked to at Circuit City
>seemed to know. So while this is the impression one gets,
>it's not necessarily 100 percent true. Retail clerks in all
>industries have a special way of being clueless.
>>And why [aside from trying to save it's inventor/patent
>>owner Zenith, the last U.S. consumer electronics mfgr. at
>>the time] was 8VSB chosen over what the rest of the world
>>is using, COFDM,
>Or Ibiquity over DAB/DRM, or NTSC over PAL, or MediaFlo
>over DVB-H, or 115 V 60 Hz over 220 V 50 Hz, or English
>measuring standards over the metric system, or CDMA over
>GSM, or .....
>The US likes to do its own thing. This one is not a big deal.
>A simple change of *one* component, the demod, makes a DVB-T
>box into an ATSC box. Big whoop. Besides which, it's not all
>bad. I've already reported that I seem to get solid
>reception whenever the SNR stays above 15.1 dB or so. This is
>very, very repeatable. Compare that with COFDM. Not all bad.
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