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  • From: Mark Schubin <tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 09:42:46 -0500

John Golitsis wrote:

>The question is, of those 64 models you note, how many are non- 
>current?  It's not uncommon for a manufacturer to "carry over" a  
>model from a previous model year.
Here is a list of 36-inch and larger models said to have NTSC tuners but 
no ATSC reception, from October's CEA HDTV Guide (AFTER the 100% mandate 
kicked in):

Acoustic Research AR4200
Akai PDP4295ED
Akai PT46DL20
Akai PT46DLX30
Akai LCT3715
Akai LCT3716
Akai LCT4216
Akira HLT-300W
Akira PK-4201
Albatron PWV-46MCB-1
AOC A42W64
Audiovox FPE3705
Bang & OLufsen BeoVision 5
BenQ DV3750
BenQ DV4680
BenQ PDP46W1-S
Champion 42CVI
Dell W4200ED
EnCross Kreisen KR-370T
EnCross Kreisen KR-400T
Hitachi 37HDL52
Hitachi 42HDF52
Hitachi 42HDS52
Hitachi 55HDS52
Hitachi 42HDT52
Hitachi 55HDT52
Hitachi 42HDX62
Hitachi 55HDX62
HP PE4240N
HP PL4245N
Hyundai DPD4210
JVC PD-42V485
Jwin JV-DTV37
MAXX 4000
MAXX 4260
MAXX 5000
MAXX 6300
Nakamichi VU50P
NetTV PDP-42X7
Nikada PD1422
Nikada PD1501
Norcent PT-4233
Norcent PT-4235
Panasonic TH-42XVS30U
Panasonic TH-50XVS30U
Panasonic TH-65XVS30U
Planar PD42ED
Proton PLTV-37

The other fall charts no longer seem to be available on the CEA site 
because they've been updated.  The updated charts have MUCH fewer listed 
violations.  Here's what I've found:

BenQ DV3750
Dell W4200ED
Panasonic TH-42XVS30U
Panasonic TH-50XVS30U
Panasonic TH-65XVS30U


So the situation certainly seems to be improving greatly.  But note that 
the AOC number is different from that in the previous list, suggesting 
that it is a new model.

>I don't believe models like this  
>would be in violation of the mandate, but I don't recall the exact  
Here is the exact wording (47 C.F.R. 15.117 i 1):

"Responsible parties, as defined in Section 2.909 of this chapter, are 
required to equip new TV broadcast receivers that are shipped in 
interstate commerce or imported from any foreign country into the United 
States and for which they are responsible to comply with the provisions 
of this section in accordance with the following schedule:"

Paragraph h, above that, says "TV broadcast receivers are required to 
provide useable picture and sound commensurate with their video anbd 
audio capabilities when receiving digital television signals."

So whether models are old or not makes no difference.  My reading of the 
law is that, if the set is not used and is shipped interstate, the 
mandate applies.

I defer to any lawyers on the forum.


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