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Eric you appear to be talking about Barney Frank's
 having paid for sex and Tom Malin having been a prostitute.
(Perhaps you think it significant that they are *gay*?)

The point about Foley is that he proposed laws
penalizing people for having online sex with minors
(and perhaps for conduct falling short of that)
while, it seems, engaging in it himself, those minors
being, moreover, pages for his congressional party
and in their care.

I regret that you can't see the difference.

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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> >>This is very serious.
> And widespread.
> Does everyone remember the scandal involving Rep. Barney
> Frank (D-MA), who admitted to paying gay prostitutes for
> sex? Well, a candidate for the Texas state legislature can
> do Barney Frank (pun intended) one better — he once was a
> gay prostitute. Queerty reports:
> The Democratic candidate for House District 108 in Texas was
> once a power bottom, uninhibited hooker. His name is Tom
> Malin and he once went by Todd Sharpe, a NY/LA based high
> class call girl. He must have been good: his rates were
> $200-$600.
> http://www.wonkette.com/politics/barney-frank/?refId=155843
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