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No, Lawrence, your typical response has been to deny that whatever the west 
does in it's war against Islamic terrorism could or would have an effect on 
those who are moderates. In a recent post, for the first time, you appeared to 
concede that muslims might react to events and now, you further concede that 
'it isn't just ideology'.  

So have your views changed Lawrence, or were you merely arguing a position you 
didn't really agree with.

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  Surely I've responded to all these things.  It isn't merely ideology, but on 
the other hand it could not exist without ideology.  As it happens it is this 
particular ideology, the ideology of Sayyid Qutb, that most of the Islamists 
have embraced.  Since you haven't read Sayyid Qutb you couldn't know, 
apparently, that if one embraces Qutb, then one embraces his "response to 
experiences and perceptions in the real world" as he understood them.  



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  Recently, Lawrence sidestepped this issue, so I thought I'd try again.

  The issue: Is Islamic Terrorism merely a question of ideology, or is it also 
a response to experiences and perceptions in the real world?

  To place the question within the context of our recent discussions, the issue 
resolves around whether war on Iraq has led to less or more Islamic terrorism. 
Lawrence argues for less. Others, including myself, argue for more.

  Whilst there is further evidence to bring to the discussion, I'd like to ask 
Lawrence to state clearly that he agrees with the outline of the issue as it is 
laid out. If not, what exactly he believes the issue to be.


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