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The  following Republicans knew for more than a year about Foley's sex emails
with  children.

The GOP leadership should resign immediately:

- Dennis  Hastert, Republican Speaker of the House, R-Illinois
- Tom Reynolds, GOP  House Chair in Congress R-New York
- John Boehner, House Majority Leader,  R-Ohio
- John Shimkus, Chairman for the House Page Program, ,  R-Illinois

Where/how did you get these names?

It's in the news. All four knew. They knew for more than a year. Yet they covered up and gave him election funds.

This is very serious. It's not merely a sex scandal. Because they knew yet did not report, all four face indictment for participating in criminal conspiracy. They were under obligation to report this immediately. Yet they didn't. Child sex predator laws carry long, mandatory prison sentences.


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