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> Why is (4) different from (5)? 

Depends on what kind of console you are talking about.  A system like XBox
is maybe more like a dedicated OS, except the CPU isn't very high powered,
and there is more depedence on hardware acceleration for FX.
Systems like PS2 and Gamecube have very idiosyncratic audio subsystems, with
specialized chips that far from a general CPU or programmable DSP.
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Why is (4) different from (5)? 

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1) Native DAW (Windows, Mac, LINUX)
                a) audio and music-data
                b) filters, sources, sinks
                c) realtime, offline, non-linear editing
                d) drivers?
                e) other media types?
2) DAW + DSP (e.g., UAD-1, PowerCore, ProTools TDM)
3) External DSP box (e.g., Plugzilla, Chameleon, firewire I/O boxes with
4) Gaming consoles
5) Handheld devices

With OS's like Pocket PC, a handheld device looks more like a native DAW
except it has "interesting" processor requirements.  So I think we should
keep those kinds of systems in mind, maybe more than gaming consoles.

So, 1, 2, 3 and 5, anybody?

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