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> 3. What kinds of plugins do people use today, and what will they want to
> in the future?
> - Audio effects that replace traditional outboard gear in a studio, such
> delays, reverbs, chorus, flanger, compressor, eq, pitch shifter, etc.
> effects have varying degrees of realtime parameter control, either through
> plug-in specific interfaces or MIDI.
> - Software based MIDI synthesizers.
> - MIDI processors, such as quantizers, transposers, style generators.
> - Audio to MIDI conversion.
What about MIDI/music data editors and wave editors?
It will be convenient to plug 3rd party piano roll or step sequencer to MIDI
block of your modern super-sampler.It often nessesary to run wave editor
plug-in to edit loop points etc.
Such modularity may reduce time-to-market (especially for multi-platform
products) and it gives opportunity for end user to work in familiar editors

MIDI editors interfaces had been clearly enought developed in OPT.
We have at least one example (ACID) where music data editors (including
buit-in) are OPT Editors.
There are 3rd party OPT editors.
There is a feature in VST interface for invoking external wave editor.

We can define only nessasary data access interfaces in GMPI, almost all GUI
specific things may be separated.

Maxim Alexanian,

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