[gmpi] Re: Decision Time: 7.1.2

  • From: Paul Davis <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gmpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 23:13:39 -0400

>> but there are no 16 bit output pins for such a plugin. the data
>> arrives in (just say) Float32 format, and then, from the perspective
>> of GMPI, it just vanishes. same is true of plugins that do disk i/o,
>> network routing, etc.
>And where in there is one's super-duperPOW-R dithering plugin which
>dithers from Float32 to Int16?

ok, i guess if we end up allowing more than one datatype, then inType
!= outType makes sense. but it doesn't make any sense otherwise(duh!).
in chris' original question about this, i felt that he was thinking
about something else. not sure why.

btw: i would note once more than Float32 can represent Int16 (and
Int24) with bit-for-bit fidelity. there is no risk of any bit lossage
when storing an Int16 in a Float32, and so there is no inherent reason
that a dithering plugin has to output Int16, even if it *might* seem
"natural" to do so. the only problem when using Float32 is
representing values that are naturally Int(>24) ...


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