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Hi all,

we had a lot of customers that were using Win98SE for a very long time.
However, during the last months most of them upgraded to WinXP (or MacOS
;-). Today there are still a few "old school" Win98SE users, but for
what I've seen, most of our Windows users are now running XP.
We never really had many customers running WinMe. 
I don't know any guy that is still using Win98 Gold or Win95 (off course
I don't know all of our users ;-)
There are also some users that are still using Win2k. But I think, the
majority is using XP today - and that's really good!


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> Hi, Martin.
> The U.S. customers I've dealt with are running Windows 2000.  But a
> distributor we're working with has told us that U.S. users 
> seem to embrace
> new OS releases more quickly than users in other parts of the 
> world, and
> that many of their European customers are still in the 
> Windows 95/98[SE]
> world.
> Has anyone else here heard the same thing?
> Best regards,
> -Dan


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