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We (contract work for Sound Devices) still support Win98 and WinMe in
our installs.  I've been pushing to drop these in favor of 2K/XP only,
but we have customers that are still stuck at 9x.  Although, when I
handle the tough tech support calls, I usually talk them into XP.  It's
not hard to convince them the time they waste on a single legacy issue
would more than make up for the upgrade cost.

The USBPre device I have worked on is in a maintenance development
phase. I develop on XP and then go back and test on 2000, 98se and ME.
Supporting Win9x easily doubles the coding and testing time for the

When Microsoft dropped support for 9x to concentrate on NT, I bought
more MSFT stock thinking the efficiency of supporting one code base
would accelerate product improvement.  While the investment hasn't paid
off yet, I believe it is the correct strategy.

Don't look back or waste time on Win9x!

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[Note to self: read the entire thread before replying...]
Thanks for the response Jerry. =20

Without looking further, I don't understand why 98SE does not work with
24-bit playback.  I unfortunately can state with some certainty that we
would not pursue a QFE for Windows 98 or 98SE.  From our point of view =
98SE and 98 (being four and five OSes ago) are pretty much history.  =
After preaching the single-binary-across-multiple-OSes message for a =
while, I hope that doesn't pose too much problem for you all. =20

I realize that you folks are just now starting to make good money on the
operating systems that MS seems to have forgotten about in our focus on
".Next".  Does your target still include 98 at this point, or do =
some/all of you think about 2K/ME/XP only?

...just an informal poll.

Martin Puryear
Development Manager
Windows Audio/Video Platform


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