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  • From: "Bob Miller" <robmxa@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 12:11:33 -0500

On 12/12/06, Steve Wilson <stevenjwilson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Regarding OTA - "It's just not relevant anymore for most consumers. "
Wasn't it Motorola and (?) who were the big proponents of 8VSB?  Its in
their best interest to delay OTA HDTV broadcast.  The last thing they
need is for consumer to figure out they can get it OTA for free.

I hear we have finally figured out how to make tuners/demodulators that
resolve these multipath issues - but how makes them and where are they?
It seems like buying an HDTV tuner for a PC, for example, is a roll of
the dice.

I am not an expert in RF signalling, but it seems to me the decision was
based, at least in great part, on politics - not on what broadcasters
wanted. How much influence would broadcasters have over a new cable

Broadcasters had enough influence to get must carry laws past.
Basically they got the government to force cable to carry their
signals when cable became too big a threat.

They have not resolved those multipath issues with better 8-VSB
receivers yet. Even the best receiver I have seen, the LG prototype
never produced so far, was easy to defeat by walking in front of the
antenna or standing in a particular position on either side of it.

And there is no solution for dynamic multipath except for the promise of A-VSB.

There are few manufacturers of any STBs for 8-VSB because correctly
manufacturers see little market for them. Most manufacturers of STBs
that you see producing for other countries have never produced an
8-VSB receiver and never will. If you ask them why their first answer
will be laughter.

Bob Miller

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