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  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 08:39:21 -0500

At 11:03 AM -0500 12/11/06, Bob Miller wrote:

Well it seems that HD is not even driving the sale of HDTV sets.


And the numbers would seem to be about to get worse than the pathetic
40-50% of HDTV owners who have an HD service of any kind.


"And, perhaps worse, the research firm said only 25 percent of current
HDTV shoppers said the main reason they wanted to buy one was to watch

Only 25%.

And what percentage of those will go to the trouble of hooking up or
installing a roof top antenna. What percentage of that 25% even have a
clue about OTA???

OTA lies dieing on the street and everyone just walks by.

Bob Miller

I think Swanni was genuinely surprised by the fact that people are buying HD capable sets but not watching HD.

I'm not.

People are buying new TVs that take up less space but have significantly larger screens. That's one of the most important factors. The ability to watch wide screen DVD movies with excellent quality is the other important factor.

We just had an excellent case study of what is happening via a two part newspaper series on HDTV in the Gainesville Sun. The URLs below carry the main story but NOT all of the sidebars that ran in the paper.



The articles are as you might expect if you sent out a journalist to do a story - someone who has no knowledge of the subject. His main sources were local CE retailers at Best Buy and a specialty retailer/installer. But this may be closer to the man on the street, as opposed to the folks who are in the biz and hang out here.

Here's the real kicker. In the second article there is a sidebar that leads - "What you'll need"

OK, so you're about to buy your first High-def TV. Aside from the TV itself, here's what you'll need to get the full home theater experience:

* Sound system with at least 5.1 channels of surround sound.
* Digital cable or satellite with high-definition programming.
* DVD player (either a traditional DVD player capable of progressive-scan playback or a high-definition Blue-ray or HD-DVD player). * Component or HDMI wiring for video components and Digital Coaxial wiring for audio components.
* A comfortable couch and some time to enjoy the experience.

NOWHERE in either article was it mention that you can get HD programming OTA.

It's just not relevant anymore for most consumers.


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