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  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 18:34:13 -0500

Bob Miller bwrote:

>> Instead, you obsess over the modulation type.
> And I will continue to.

Which is why you sound like you're stuck in the mud, to me, with no hope
of finding a way out. The technical problems are solvable, and have
largely been solved. The political or otherwise mysterious ones are
proving a lot more difficult.

It's really exasperating to hear this facile relapse to modulation
problems from 1999 used as an excuse, especially when it comes from
those who could make a real difference in the success of DTT. "Let's
keep lulling them to sleep with tired old cornball excuses." And
especially when existing state of the art products stubbornly don't
appear on store shelves.

> You are saying that your two friends bought integrated
> sets. Do they use them for OTA recepetion at all?

One of them I mentioned recently. He got Verizon FiOS and uses it
exclusively for broadband Internet access, and ATSC exclusively for TV.

The other has Cox cable, but is not paying for HD programming. He got a
new wide screen set with integrated receiver just last week, his first
HDTV set, and wants to use the OTA tuner to get his HDTV programming
without having to increase his subscription fee. (He was also
complaining strongly about "panorama" mode and its obvious distortions.)

Another friend at work buys the HD package from Cox. He wonders why
anyone would do anything else. (Of course, none of the OTA broadcasters
are telling him anything different. Isn't it curious how HD radio ads

Then I have two neighbors who are similarly using ATSC as an HD source,
but they also subscribe to DBS.

A third such neighbor just moved out on Thanksgiving, and his
replacement promptly removed the OTA antenna (but not the dish), and
called Cox to get hooked up to cable. It was one of the very first
things he did. To their credit, Cox did come out in a flash. Hook them
up and reel them in.

I have another neighbor who is a Cox customer, but also has two OTA TVs
in the house. It took a long time and many different sessions to explain
to him that DTT was available, that STBs could be bought to retain use
of his old sets, and that STBs were not expensive. But of course, I'm
not the one who should be explaining these things, time and again. (He's
one of these brilliant but flaky guys who has a hard time internalizing
things that don't fit his preconceived notions. So you have to repeat it
over and over.)

My brother-in-law also uses ATSC as an adjunct to DBS.

By the way, do not assume that every household buys just one DTV
receiver. Bob. You are probably inflating your assumed penetration
numbers with this technique. We have two DTV receivers, for instance.

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