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  • Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 11:37:27 -0500

John Golitsis wrote:

> I think it's just hard to communicate the benefits. For digital
> radio, it brings the quality of radio up to that of satellite or
> MP3. Those delivery methods offer music, but in the same way that
> NBC is a TV channel just like CBS. Digital allows that particular
> station to compete with other delivery methods of music on a
> quality basis.

Most of the ads actually emphasize the multicast aspects more than
quality. Probably for good reason. In normal hybrid MP1 mode FM,
according to the Ibiquity white paper, you only get 98.4 Kb/s of digital
capacity. As you said, not much different from MP3, if it were all
dedicated to one program stream. This is about 0.5 b/s/Hz, which makes
sense if you're in search of robustness.


page 11. The AM scheme offers a total 36.4 Kb/s or 56.6 Kb/s in hybrid
mode, the latter considered minimally robust.


page 6.

I'll be curious to hear this over a decent sound system, when I can
compare it to FM's potential.

Oh, btw, I also heard Radio Shack ads about HD radio. I never heard a RS
ad about their Accurian DTT boxes, for example. But I'll concede that
being 3rd gen boxes, perhaps they were afraid of too many returns. Don't
know. (Although they did get good reviews from owners, so maybe Radio
Shack could have done some advertizing.)

Are you guys getting IBOC up there in the Frozen North? Maybe you can
receive Buffalo or Rochester stations in Toronto.

> For TV, you can tell people there's a digital version available
> of FOX29 OTA, but then "so what" is what the public might think
> because that very same channel has been available "digital" on
> satellite and cable for a long time. If I want to watch this channel
> "digital", is OTA going to competitive with those other delivery
> methods?

Because of the existence of satellite radio, I think in fact DTT and
IBOC are quite similar. They both have to offer "digital quality,"
although that's far more credible as a step up for DTT than IBOC, they
both have multicasts to offer, and they are both "free" services. These
are the selling points the HD Radio ads always make. Multicasts can be a
very good deal, if done right. WETA-DT (PBS) has four good streams, for
instance. That's a real selling point, when it comes at the one-time
cost of an STB.

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