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>Affording the land by the UN is small consolation.  It's still taken, 
>and it's still gone, and the Palestinians are still starving at this very
> moment.  It's strange how people who despise the UN the rest of 
>the time (I'm not saying you do 

I don't, I support the UN against its detractors (not always, obviously; it 
on the issue) and have -- I thought -- on this list.  As for "at this moment", 
point concerns the land granted in 1947.  

>We still live in a world where might makes right

I know.  I oppose that.  But once land has been taken/given it may be that
compensation is a better form of restitution than (re-)seizure.

A.A. We have to ask the person who's been damaged what constitutes 
compensation.  Compensate them how?  And how do you compensate someone who's 
100% evil while you're 100% good?  You exterminate evil, don't you?  Isn't that 
what Israel is doing to Hezbollah?  And isn't that what the U.S. is supporting?

>and the U.S. is supplying them with plenty of rights.  

I think you mean "arms"

A.A.  You missed the point that we live in a world where might equals right.  
He who has the biggest gun is right.  The U.S. is supplying them with plenty of 
rights which now as always has been guns.  That's the irony of clash of 
civilizations.  You got a gun, you're civilized.  Looks like the Hezbollah is 
making gains in becoming civilized.    

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