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Summarizing what I know and using a psychological view of the subject, sex 
offenders are throughout the population.  It crosses all socioeconomic and 
racial levels, but in many countries crimes and sex crimes against children are 
much more prevalent.  Sex crimes, including pedophilia, are about power, 
hatred, and rage.  Often the predator has themselves been sexually abused.  Sex 
is a way to express feelings of powerlessness, just the form of weapon so to 
speak.  The sexual response releases powerful endogenous pleasure chemicals 
that can be addicting, and coupled with using it as an outlet for one's 
internal demons, it's pretty established that sexual predators cannot, 
generally speaking, be rehabilitated.  It's like alcoholism, it can be managed, 
never cured.  Drugs in general are ways to escape what's inside, mostly the 
fury and accompanying grief at childhood losses.  Sexual predators hate 
themselves, but the hate is really of the parental injunctions and actions 
 ized onto self, then externalized onto someone else.  Sex crimes reflect abuse 
and neglect, passive as well as active, in childhood.  Passive abuse is 
powerful abuse but it's sometimes remembered as a good childhood.  It's like I 
said for years that affairs have nothing to do with sex but everything to do 
with getting back at someone.  It's wanting to hurt the spouse because the 
spouse is the transferred parent.  Sometimes it's also using someone to feel 
good ("they're paying attention to me because I'm wonderful").  Basically just 
using someone.  Sorry this is incoherent, but I don't have enough time to do 
better, and it's not worth it since the next email in response will be from 
Mike or Eric telling me that there's no such thing as an unconscious.  
Whatever.  Just a P.S.  It sounds like Foley may have wanted to get caught and 
punished.  That's why he wrote the laws.  Real criminals and killers, like Ted 
Bundy, get a high out of not getting caught.  Either that or Foley is
  really stupid, which I doubt.

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The question that springs to my mind is if there are really that many 
pedeophiles out there in the general public that we simply don't know about or 
if there is something about the stress and environment of govt that encourages 
that or if pedeophiles are particularly prone to seek office....

Julie Krueger

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