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Why setting up another irc channel if there's already one open and with the
chance of getting to it from a web page?
If you don't like irc clients, is it quite better to use a web interface,
and that's why i've set it up!
We're splitting up a lot more here...

From a client: server: irc.webmaster.com channel: #openbeos

From the web: http://openbeos.laevolucion.com/chat/index.htm


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> GREAT suggestion Jace, thanks.  Keep in mind people that we aren't going
> find the ONE word in this list necessarily.  Write down a list of words,
> even if they are products that already exist.  For instance, Andrew and I
> began naming product names we like and both of us hit on Maya, the 3D app
> from A|W.  It had a nice ring to it and might be a direction we could
> going in.
> Speaking of names, I would like to suggest we meet on IRC
> (irc.openprojects.net, #obos-cdt) Thursday evening around 8pm EST and
> around 2pm EST for those not in the US.  I'm no time zone whiz so you'll
> have to figure out the time in your area.  I'm in Boston, the Eastern Time
> Zone in the US if that helps any.  If any of you want to chat amongst
> yourselves at other times, by all means do so but this could bring the
> together to discuss the names they have to date.
> Jace, I know you don't like the IRC clients on BeOS but the reason for
> suggesting IRC is because EVERYONE can get an IRC client and NO ONE needs
> have an account with multiple IM clients.  I only use Windows Messenger
> I know they don't make a BeOS client and I don't want to force people to
> have to get a Hotmail account.  Likewise I don't want to have to get an
> account if I can help it.  IRC solves most of these issues.  It's the
> Switzerland of IM clients.
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> >What do you thing about celtic persons/things like Thor, Wotan, Freya,
> >Sleipnir, Loki etc. (maybe that there are special translations, these are
> >German expressions)? For symbolic things the runes (old celtic letters)
> >could be used in a way. Perhaps in the logo?
> >I like this way of naming very much but while I'm writing this: What
> >old roman or greek mythological persons/things? There are so many
> >names in this way...
> >Greetings Eckard
> These are good suggestions.  I'd suggest a running list.  Set a piece of
> paper or a StyledEdit text file aside and put names you like into it for a
> few days.  Then submit it to the list and we can all peruse the names.
> any names you like, for whatever reason, especially if the name has ties
> something we can identify with BeOS on an emotional or analogy-kind of
> level.
> -Jace
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