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I thought of some names before, and posted them on the forum:

HumanOS <-- BeOS is a VERY human OS, is not cold like Linux and win...

HomeOS <-- wen you use BeOS you feel at home, but i think most people will
think this is a home-based OS, not professional..

What about "Ser" ? that's the spanish word for Be... SerOS maybe... but it
reminds me of Xerox :P

How about abbreviations? Like GNU or KDE, something like that?

something about LotR is not a good idea, isn't it?

EvilOS is my kind of OS :P

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> >
> > Eckard ...
> >I like "sunrise."  How about things like "dawn", "twilight", (may be
> taken),
> >Here's a poem by Robert Frost titled Nothing Gold Can Stay.
> >
> >Nature's first green is gold,
> > Her hardest hue to hold.
> >Her early leaf's a flower;
> >But only so an hour.
> >Then leaf subsides to leaf.
> >So Eden sank to grief,
> >So dawn goes down to day.
> >Nothing gold can stay.
> >
> >So, how about "Eden"
> >I don't know.  ...just suggestions.
> >nateC (saffertan)
> >
> I like Frost's poetry... favorite is "Miles to Go"... but Frost is dead
> and his copyrights are tied up with evil money grubbing publishers.
> Eden I could get along with as well, and it would lend itself well to
> visualization... though I'm not sure Judeo-Christian mythology is the
> way to go... too political... still it has possibilities, though it
> cannot be copyrighted.
> Dale A. Raby
> "Nothing is ever so bad that it couldn't be worse, and if it could be
> worse than it is, then maybe it's not so bad?"
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