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GREAT suggestion Jace, thanks.  Keep in mind people that we aren't going to
find the ONE word in this list necessarily.  Write down a list of words,
even if they are products that already exist.  For instance, Andrew and I
began naming product names we like and both of us hit on Maya, the 3D app
from A|W.  It had a nice ring to it and might be a direction we could begin
going in.

Speaking of names, I would like to suggest we meet on IRC
(irc.openprojects.net, #obos-cdt) Thursday evening around 8pm EST and Monday
around 2pm EST for those not in the US.  I'm no time zone whiz so you'll
have to figure out the time in your area.  I'm in Boston, the Eastern Time
Zone in the US if that helps any.  If any of you want to chat amongst
yourselves at other times, by all means do so but this could bring the group
together to discuss the names they have to date.

Jace, I know you don't like the IRC clients on BeOS but the reason for
suggesting IRC is because EVERYONE can get an IRC client and NO ONE needs to
have an account with multiple IM clients.  I only use Windows Messenger and
I know they don't make a BeOS client and I don't want to force people to
have to get a Hotmail account.  Likewise I don't want to have to get an AIM
account if I can help it.  IRC solves most of these issues.  It's the
Switzerland of IM clients.

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>What do you thing about celtic persons/things like Thor, Wotan, Freya,
>Sleipnir, Loki etc. (maybe that there are special translations, these are
>German expressions)? For symbolic things the runes (old celtic letters)
>could be used in a way. Perhaps in the logo?
>I like this way of naming very much but while I'm writing this: What about
>old roman or greek mythological persons/things? There are so many possible
>names in this way...
>Greetings Eckard

These are good suggestions.  I'd suggest a running list.  Set a piece of
paper or a StyledEdit text file aside and put names you like into it for a
few days.  Then submit it to the list and we can all peruse the names.  List
any names you like, for whatever reason, especially if the name has ties to
something we can identify with BeOS on an emotional or analogy-kind of


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