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  • From: "Jace" <jace@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 01:34:58 -0500

>OK.  On the subject of names.  I came up with a couple of half-baked 
>ideas while in the shower... hey inspiration strikes where it may, but I 
>appologize for this horrible image.  I propose that we look to history 
>and/or mythology for our inspiration.  Specifically, I would suggest 
>Arthurian mythology.

None of those names work for me :)  They're a bit overused in science fiction, 
fantasy and many other genres.  I've seen lots of computer projects and 
software use these names, too.  We need to find an underused word.  When I 
started a computer company some time back (though it never really got going) we 
were going to call ourselves "Enclave Computer Group."  Enclave is a small 
group within a larger dominant group.  We thought it was appropriate since we 
planned on shipping computers with BeOS and Linux (the enclaves within the 
monstrous computer industry).  My point is that we should pick a word that is 
easy to say, less common, or even invent one.



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