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This is supposed to be the name of the OS itself.  At a later date we could
perhaps ruminate on the naming of the seperate elements of the OS but much
like the look of the OS being derived from the identity, the names of the
core components should be derived from the name of the OS itself.

By the way, what about "Elemental" as a name?

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Some comments:

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> I think both of you have a good idea but these names tend to be more
> code-name oriented than  product oriented.

Of course, this could be code-names but I thought of naming the components
of OBOS.
I thougt of something like "Odin" (highest wiking god) for the kernel,
"Thor" (god of thunder and flashes = sound and light) for the media-server,
"Freya" (god of fertility) for the GUI and so on.

> Two names I've been using in relation to the GUI work
> I've done are Terra and Magma (poking fun at the names Aqua and Luna).
> Perhaps there's something there?

I think that the fact of making fun of Aqua is too obvious in Terra.
Furthermore I don't like the idea of making any connections to the GUI of
Windows (=> Luna). BeOS is something completely different! (But generally I
also like your idea of using "elemental" names!)

Greetings Eckard

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