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  • From: Nathan Callender <nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 16:44:56 -0800 (PST)

 Boris ... I see where you are coming from with not changing from OBOS.  I 
didn't want to change from openbeos, but we have to.  That being said, OBOS 
just doesn't sound very good.  It's an acronym that has history that could get 
us in trouble, but more than that, I think we could do a far better job picking 
a name that describes us to people who are not in the BeOS community.  The BeOS 
community will catch on when we change our name ... it's the new people we want 
to atract that the name is for.  We should pick a name that 1) describes us and 
the project, 2) is independent of other names in the computing world, and 3) 
that can be trademarked and marketable to the masses. ...
As for this matter, I would suggest "daylight" as the OS name (I know we should 
think of a concept first, but I just wanted to throw it out.)  It stands for a 
new beginning in the computing world after a long night.  It's something that 
is friendly, and that everyone can relate to.  It's colorful and grandeous, 
while being simple and captivating.  You can say things like, "Yeah, I run 
DayLight on my machine. ... ".
Anyway, just a thought.
NateC (saffertan)
  Boris Kuncer <borisko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
I think that OBOS can not have legal problems. It just have 'B' from
OBOS is already known to beos community and I think that new name will
just enter confusion in advertising this project.
btw.. what Be means in the name of BeOS?


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>Subject: [openbeos-cdt] Re: Names
>> This is supposed to be the name of the OS itself. At a later date we
>> perhaps ruminate on the naming of the seperate elements of 
>the OS but 
>> much like the look of the OS being derived from the identity, the 
>> names of the core components should be derived from the name 
>of the OS 
>> itself.
>Do you really think of renaming the OS? I think we should 
>stick to "OpenBeOS" becouse people can re-recognize the good 
>old BeOS. I will still know that OpenBeOS has a new name. But 
>what about all the other BeOS user who even have not heared 
>about OBOS? How will they know that XY is the new BeOS?
>> By the way, what about "Elemental" as a name?
>Sounds good. I like it. But the user could think that it is 
>only an elemental OS and doesn't have many abilities... And 
>(already said) think about the worth of re-recognition.
>Greetings Eckard

Nathan Callender           nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx

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