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  • From: "Eckard Riedenklau" <eckard.riedenklau@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 07:11:10 +0200

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> The name change was suggested by Michael Phipps, the main OBOS project
> leader.

Then the whole OBOS teams (everyone who is involved) should have the right
to cope with this problem. I think that not only we, the CDT has the rigth
to make decisions on it's own. W should make polls accessable for every
member with the possibility to make new suggestions to think about.

> While there is no immediate legal problems, there could likely be
> some from either Palm or Be.  It would be prudent to make a name change
> before a lot of effort is wasted on a logo based on a trademark owned by
> someone else.

Then the decision of a new name should be made theoretically. By now there
are no problems with the name? So I think we should only change the name if
problems arise! What's so bad with OpenBeOS?

Greetings Eckard

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