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  • From: "Eckard Riedenklau" <eckard.riedenklau@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 07:20:08 +0200

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Hi Nathan,

> As for this matter, I would suggest "daylight" as the OS name

I personally like this suggestion.
But here in Germany (I'm ashame about that but I think I have to say this) a
specially casted gril-group came up who sang a song called "daylight". I
know many people who actually don't like this girl-group (they are called
"no angles").
So maybe "daylight" is not so good, I think (looking at Germany saying
this). But the direction is also quite cool, I think. What about "RainbOS"
(according to rainbow) or "Sunrise" (I hope we wouldn't get in trouble with
sun microsystems by using this name...)?

Greetings Eckard

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