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A few other hybrid creatures are the hydra and the griffon.  The hydra is a
dragon with multiple heads (five I believe).  In a sense each head could
represent the various aspect of BeOS.  To some it is a MediaOS, to others
it's a great programming platform and still to others it's a web browsing,
e-mail reading, everyday utility OS.  The griffon is a mythical creature
with the body of a lion, the head of a hawk or something like that.

Personally I like the platypus idea a bit better because it seems a bit
friendlier but you get the idea that there are a plethora of hybrid
creatures with which to spur ideas.

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Sorry it's a bit unreadable, I posted it using net+
and yahoo but it does not seem to work as expected so
I repost it again.  This time with Bezilla.

I still think we should look at what the system should
be and find a name that goes with it and brings across
the message.

So I got thinking here.  What's BeOS, it's an OS that
incoporates ideas from different Operating Systems.
Mac-a-like look and feel, single window browsing +
show navigator option in the new tracker inspired by
windows, a terminal like in Linux or Unix ...etc
Nevertheless it's a whole new and advanced system.

Well actually it's a bit like a Platypus, that strange
Australian animal which is a mammal but lays eggs,
with a body of a beaver and a nose of a duck ;-)  And
it still looks cute.


The Platypus is one of the world's three extant
egg-laying mammals (Equipped with webbed feet, both
fore and aft, as well as a horizontally flattened
tail, similar to those displayed by the placental
beavers (Castor).

Overall it is far from being primitive, is said to be
highly evolved and sophisticated.

Considering its unique form and behaviour, the
platypus is quite a fantastic mammal and certainly one
of Australia's greatest natural treasures.


I know the name is possibly being overused  but it's
more of a metaphore.  I think that's the direction we
should follow.   A name that's not just a name but
also describes what it is.

BTW:  The Australian wildlife has really funny names
to offer:
Possum, wombat, numbat, quokka, quoll, yabby, kowari...etc

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