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  • From: "Jace" <jace@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 01:52:31 -0500

>What do you thing about celtic persons/things like Thor, Wotan, Freya,
>Sleipnir, Loki etc. (maybe that there are special translations, these are
>German expressions)? For symbolic things the runes (old celtic letters)
>could be used in a way. Perhaps in the logo?
>I like this way of naming very much but while I'm writing this: What about
>old roman or greek mythological persons/things? There are so many possible
>names in this way...
>Greetings Eckard

These are good suggestions.  I'd suggest a running list.  Set a piece of paper 
or a StyledEdit text file aside and put names you like into it for a few days.  
Then submit it to the list and we can all peruse the names.  List any names you 
like, for whatever reason, especially if the name has ties to something we can 
identify with BeOS on an emotional or analogy-kind of level.


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