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  • Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 16:15:15 +0000

OK.  On the subject of names.  I came up with a couple of half-baked 
ideas while in the shower... hey inspiration strikes where it may, but I 
appologize for this horrible image.  I propose that we look to history 
and/or mythology for our inspiration.  Specifically, I would suggest 
Arthurian mythology.

On that note, a few specifics:


The sword given to Arthur by a hand reaching out of the surface of a 
lake.  With it he was to unite (read conquer) England.  The scabbard, 
according to Merlin was the most valuable part of the package as one 
holding it would lose no blood in battle.  So it was a warrior's tool 
that rendered one invulnerable.  Kind of like the mythical crash-proof 
OS  This one would lend itself well to the artists among us.  It is also 
old beyond belief and cannot be copyrighted.  Le Morte d' Arthur was 
originally published in the 1400's. 


Also can't be copyrighted.  Would lend itself to wide interpretation 
graphically.  Merlin was supposedly a powerful wizard, but actually did 
little other than to disguise people and create other illusions.  The 
paralels to our modern cyberworld are obvious.


This knight of Arthur is mostly known for stealing Arthur's queen 
Guinever... for us, the world desktop market from Microsoft.  This would 
also lend itself well to graphics.

Any of these would be instantly recognizable to most any educated person 
in the world, and even some six hundred years after the legends were 
gathered and published in book form by Sir Thomas Malory, himself almost 
lost in legend, they still conjure images that appeal to many.


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