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  • Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 01:00:00 +0200

Some comments:

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> I think both of you have a good idea but these names tend to be more
> code-name oriented than  product oriented.

Of course, this could be code-names but I thought of naming the components
of OBOS.
I thougt of something like "Odin" (highest wiking god) for the kernel,
"Thor" (god of thunder and flashes = sound and light) for the media-server,
"Freya" (god of fertility) for the GUI and so on.

> Two names I've been using in relation to the GUI work
> I've done are Terra and Magma (poking fun at the names Aqua and Luna).
> Perhaps there's something there?

I think that the fact of making fun of Aqua is too obvious in Terra.
Furthermore I don't like the idea of making any connections to the GUI of
Windows (=> Luna). BeOS is something completely different! (But generally I
also like your idea of using "elemental" names!)

Greetings Eckard

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