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We are only suggesting names to pose to Michael Phipps and those he chooses
to help make the decision as to the name.  We are not actually going to
choose it ourselves.

The reason we are considering a name change is to avoid developing an
identity and putting a fair amount of effort into it only to have Palm or Be
to ask us to stop using the name Be in relation to an OS.  This could cause
quite a few problems if it happens too far into the design process.  I would
like to have a definite answer from Palm or Be concerning the use of the
name Be but until then I think it is prudent to simply consider other names.
Who knows, we might come up with something better than Be.  I know, I know,
what's better than Be?  Put your thinking caps on and surprise us.

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> The name change was suggested by Michael Phipps, the main OBOS project
> leader.

Then the whole OBOS teams (everyone who is involved) should have the right
to cope with this problem. I think that not only we, the CDT has the rigth
to make decisions on it's own. W should make polls accessable for every
member with the possibility to make new suggestions to think about.

> While there is no immediate legal problems, there could likely be
> some from either Palm or Be.  It would be prudent to make a name change
> before a lot of effort is wasted on a logo based on a trademark owned by
> someone else.

Then the decision of a new name should be made theoretically. By now there
are no problems with the name? So I think we should only change the name if
problems arise! What's so bad with OpenBeOS?

Greetings Eckard

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