[geocentrism] Re: Moving Earth deception

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  • Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 14:04:02 -0400

  [geocentrism] Re: Moving Earth deception
  From: "philip madsen"
  .....Actually, I think this is
  all unnecessary complication. Let us shoot our laser at the target on the
  when it is at 90 deg to the Sun-Earth line ie half phase. In the helio
  scenario, the Earth and the Moon are both travelling at 30 km/s in the
  direction so there is no differential. In the Geo scenario, this velocity
  not exist so again there is no differential.

  However, in the helio case, the Moon, at a distance of 384 400 km is
  tangentially at 1.023 km/s. To hit a spot at this distance and 1 s in the
  future, we need to lead the target by asin 1.023/384 400 -- about 152.5 u
  In the geo case, the Moon 1 s in the future will be 26.98 km ahead of our
  aiming point and so we will need to lead the target by atan 26.98/384
400 --
  about 4 m deg. Thus if the beam is about "...well over 100 m radius ...",
  precision available would produce a totally unambiguous answer. Even at 2
  radius, there is sufficient precision available to make it worth wagering
  of your super on.  (i've drunk my super.. living on the state)

According to MS - and contrary to experiment - therewould be aberration in
sighting the target on the Moon, so the lead angle would be doubled.


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