[geocentrism] Re: Moving Earth deception

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  Yea sure but it could but it would require one kind of answer for one type of 
parallax and another for these others......it could be yes......... but, we 
will most definitely be accused of being inconsistent and convenient in our 
explanations...I think a wobble at least in the sun's orbit if not the whole 
universe is a far more belivable solution......?

Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:      This is the modified Tychonic 
model, but I feel no necessity to tie the stars to the Sun.

Parallax and aberration can simply be current motion within the aether, perhaps 
as planetary motion is?


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    These are also good ref and background for EMR and aether effects 

Allen Daves <allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:     Thanks Nevile, Yes 
1919.......i forgot ...these are very short and relevant background..please 
  This is one of the reasons Bouw assumes a Wobble in the universe with the 
period of the suns anual motion to account for these paralax issues as well as 
the near and far distance relationship to the earth and sun..AKA the seasons 

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