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The sphere of the cosmos doesn't move 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south 
(for a total of 46 degrees annually) relative to the Earth !  It is the Sun 
that moves north - south (total of 46 degrees); HC men claim this is an 
illusion caused by the tilted Earth.  So in GS it is against all observations 
to claim that the sphere of the cosmos moves north south (total 46 degrees) 
because we don't observe any annual change (north- south) in the latitude of 
the stars except for the very tiny aberration.
Marc V.

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Walter van der Kamp used such assumed association of stars with the Sun to 
deduce a 58-light-day radius (it may have been 60

Well yes, I can see why he might have even with the complications that might 
raise.  ..  But may I add some thoughts..  as it applies to the celestial 

First up, in the GS system the earth is not tilted, but stands tall vertical 
and Proud. The tilt is an invention necessary to explain the seasons in the HC 
universe. (no one seems to have mentioned this)  

In this perspective, with this orientation of the earth, as the sphere of the 
cosmos moves North and South with its annual oscillation, will the changing 
distance change the angle of view (which causes the polar star to circle) in 
the same manner as what we see.  Also Our system does not provide a base line 
for the geometry to measure distance (of the polar star) , as perhaps the HC 
system did.  But maybe the distance travelled vertically as measured against 
the latitudes of the earth, relative to the angle of the cone, as viewed from 
the pole, might give you something to work with..  Trig is tricky like that..  
in establishing the distance to the polar star. I never did much with cones.  

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Further to my previous answer, and in terms of a scientific response, I would 
add that Walter van der Kamp used such assumed association of stars with the 
Sun to deduce a 58-light-day radius (it may have been 60, I do not recall 
exactly) for the universe. This is based upon the phenomenon of yearly 

He may well be right. As with the aether, I have not decided on which side of 
this fence to position myself yet.



I don't know why. It's just a feeling. That's why I placed 'better' in 
quotation marks. Not a very scientific answer is it?!


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